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Music For Film: Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb

MEMORIALS is the new band of Verity Susman (Electrelane’s frontwoman) and Matthew Simms (Wire, Better Corners, It Hugs Back, UUUU). Their first release – a double album titled ‘Music For Film’ – is released by The state51 Conspiracy. It was written, performed, recorded and produced by the duo, veering from melodic songwriting to psychedelic noise, free jazz freakouts, tape loops and drones, and then back again.

The two albums ‘Tramps!’ and ‘Women Against The Bomb’ were originally conceived as film soundtracks, and while they still adhere to that original concept, the band’s desire to play live and make music outside of soundtracks mean both albums can be viewed independently from the films with which they are associated.





2222 & Airport

Shit and Shine (Craig Clouse) is an Austin-based electronic artist, although you’ll have a difficult time defining exactly the genre his music fits into. These days releases mainly fall into two separate categories: the extreme metal-adjacent and electronic dance music-adjacent.

2222 and AIRPORT’, named for an intersection close to his home, manages to defy all usual EDM strictures. The album opens with a skeletal modern funk – an almost bracingly minimalist sound – but the overall style evaporates when you try and nail it down. Acid house, minimal techno, electro, funk, krautrock, hip hop, found sound, spoken word, live percussion and industrial are blown apart and then reassembled over 13 tracks in a way peculiar to Clouse. So the record feels like a Shit And Shine classic even if it doesn’t quite sound like anything else that’s come before.



Train Spotter

An ever-restless innovator who refuses to stay in one musical milieu for too long, Wacław Zimpel confirms once again his status as one of Poland’s most creative musical forces.

Train Spotter’ was created to a specific brief from The City of Warsaw: to capture the Sound of the City of Warsaw. But, as Wacław Zimpel soon found out, the sounds of a city don’t exist in isolation; they’re part of a wider environment that is itself undergoing upheaval against a background of internal and external forces.

Bold, audacious and daring, ‘Train Spotter’ is musical reportage that communicates in the universal musical language of the 21st century.  



Warmly, Alexandria

Lou Terry is a South London-based musician, genre-mangler, and software builder.

Warmly, Alexandria, Terry’s first EP with The state51 Conspiracy, sees the Radio 2-tipped artist fusing strange technology with timeless songwriting. Dubbed a collection of “folk songs”, Warmly, Alexandria certainly stretches the limits of Lou Terry’s modest description. A juxtaposition between digital and organic, synthesised and natural, runs through the EP like a message in a stick of Brighton rock.